Pony Sisters In Magic Garden

Pony Sisters In Magic Garden

Pony Sisters In Magic Garden

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Pony Sisters in Magic Garden TutoTOONS Educational Android İos Free Game GAMEPLAY VİDEO

Pony Sisters in Magic Garden - Cute Animal, Vegetable & Flower Care

Pony sisters in magic garden - The app android

Cute little pony sisters Rosie & Violet invite all kids and toddlers to play and learn in their secret fantasy garden!

Two little pony sisters love to play in the garden with their clever best friends animals: Fox, Raccoon, Rabbit, Squirrel and Mouse. Join the pony sisters in their magical adventures and learn about vegetables, animals, shapes, plants and life in their fantasy home!

Pony sisters will surprise kids with fun and creative ways of learning new things:
- Find the right way through the maze and show it to pony sisters. Perfect for kids’ motor skills, 6 different mazes!
- Help 3 butterflies grow up and learn about butterfly life cycle!
- Plant your dream flower bed and learn to take care of flowers!
- Learn to build a house and free your imagination! Add your favorite doors, windows, fence, flowers and decorations to pony sisters’ house!
- Add the missing pieces to stained glass pictures and learn shapes!
- Play puzzle games with garden animals, learn their names and find them in a garden!
- Find the correct vegetables in the vegetable garden and help garden animals harvest them!
- When little pony sisters feel tired, take care of them! Prepare a carrot cocktail, wash their teeth, brush their long hair and read a fairy tale before bed.

Even more fun for kids inside:
- Unlock new levels and collect all garden stickers!
- Watch garden TV and earn extra coins!

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